Neck Pain and Posture Problems with the High Rise of Smartphones, Tablets, and Laptops

Have you noticed neck pain from all the time you’ve spent playing Pokémon GO in the last couple weeks? If so, you are not alone. Learn about neck pain and posture problems that arise from spending too much time staring at smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Then learn how our chiropractor at Anthem Chiropractic can help.

Reasons why the Henderson and Las Vegas Communities Experience Neck Pain from their Smartphones

When you stare down at your phone for long periods of time, you run the risk of developing “text neck,” a repetitive strain injury that causes neck and shoulder pain. Your biomechanics change when you use your phone: You lift up your shoulders, move your neck forward, and contract both your neck and shoulder muscles. Over time, this puts you in pain. The same thing occurs when you use a tablet, which you hold in your lap similar to a smartphone.

When you use a laptop all day, you crane your neck down to look at the screen. You also lift your shoulders, since most desks are slightly higher than you can comfortably type on. Over time, this leaves you with neck pain and posture problems. While getting an ergonomic workstation for your laptop can help, you must reverse the problems created.

How Our Chiropractor Treats Posture and Neck Pain

Dr. Derek Day, our Henderson chiropractor, can relieve your neck pain naturally by making gentle adjustments that return the neck bones to their proper alignment. We can also address postural problems through spine adjustments that reduce the pain you feel. By decreasing compression and increasing space between bones, joints, and ligaments, our adjustments reduce levels of pain and inflammation.

We can also demonstrate stretching exercises and postural shifts that will counteract some of the negative health effects of tablet and smartphone use. We often find that, once you know how your movements are increasing your pain, you will naturally want to change.

Would you like to treat your neck pain naturally? Schedule a consultation with our chiropractor by calling us at 702-614-6777 or completing the online appointment request form.

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