If you have been in a car accident recently in Henderson and Las Vegas Nevada, it is always a good idea to see our chiropractor. Car accidents place your body, muscles, bones, joints and spine under a high amounts of intense stress. The pressure of the accident can even cause vertebrae and joints to fall out of their natural alignment, causing lingering chronic pain, muscle stiffness, and soreness. Anthem Chiropractic offers a full range of chiropractic services for car accident injury; read on to learn more about our services.

Car Accident Injuries

Dr. Derek T. Day has 23 years of experience in treating Auto Injury conditions like whiplash, back pain, headaches and concussions. Some people experience physical pain right after a car accident while other people feel fine and develop pain months or later on after the accident. In either case, it is important that you visit your Henderson, Nevada chiropractor after a car accident to receive a professional evaluation.

Chiropractors have skills and training to evaluate your movement and posture and check for underlying injury, such as whiplash, back pain, or soft tissue damage. Auto crashes can cause injuries that require treatment. Anthem Chiropractic offers a full range of services to help you with your recovery.

How a Chiropractor Can Help

Chiropractic treatments can actually speed healing and recovery, so it is important that you see a chiropractor as soon after a car accident as possible.

Our chiropractor will complete a new patient exam on any car accident patient to determine the extent of your injuries. After examination and consultation, diagnosis will be made. We will recommend a custom integrated treatment plan to help you recover quickly. Any medically necessary X-RAYS and MRIs will be coordinated by our friendly staff. Medical Doctors and Specialist consultations will also be recommended when appropriate.

Our team of Doctors, Chiropractic Assistants and Licensed Massage Therapists will treat you like family and assist you with your recovery.

If you were injured in a car accident in the past and never sought treatment, you may feel lingering pain, stiffness, and decreased range of motion. We can help you heal scar tissue from old car accident injuries.

Contact us today at (702) 614-6777 to schedule your new patient consultation and get help from Dr. Derek Day and Your Anthem Chiropractic Team. You don’t have to suffer needlessly.