Help Your Children Avoid Back to School Injuries in Henderson, NV this year

Today’s children of Henderson are at greater risk of musculoskeletal injuries than ever before as the result of the modern devices and equipment they use, such as backpacks and smartphones. Many school-related injuries are associated with backpacks. Emergency departments treated 5,415 backpack-related injuries in 2013, according to the American Chiropractic Association. Fortunately, you can reduce your child’s risk for back-to-school injuries.

Our Henderson Chiropractor Suggests Ways to Reduce Back-to-School Injuries

Make sure your child’s backpack weighs less than 10 percent of his total body weight. Carrying a heavier load causes your child to bend forward so that he can shift the load onto his back rather than on his shoulders, where it should be.

Choose the right size backpack for your child. It should not hand more than four inches below her waistline. Carrying a backpack that hangs too low will increase weight on the shoulders and cause your child to lean forward.

Look for backpacks with adjustable, padded shoulder straps and a padded back for maximum comfort. Adjust the straps so that it fits your child properly.

Teach your child to use both straps of a backpack. Carrying the backpack by one strap shifts its weight to one side, which can lead to muscle spasms and pain in the neck, shoulders and low back?

Encourage your child to hold his smartphone at eye level, rather than looking down at it.

Limit the amount of time your child spends on her smartphone and other electronic devices. Teach her to take breaks periodically. Encourage your child to engage in physical activity during those breaks.

Remind your children to maintain good posture. Poor posture places a heavy load on muscles and bones in a way that causes aches and pains. Sitting up and standing straight alleviates stress on muscles and bones.

For more information on keeping your kids safe and healthy this school year, make an appointment with Anthem Chiropractic by calling (702) 614-6777. Our Henderson chiropractor also serves patients in Las Vegas, Paradise, and Enterprise, Nevada.

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