How Massage Therapy and Chiropractic Care Work Together For Pain Relief

If you are a patient of ours at Anthem Chiropractic, you might have been told by our Henderson chiropractor, Dr. Derek Day, to receive massage therapy in addition to chiropractic adjustments. While it may seem like massage and chiropractic have little to do with one another, the opposite is in fact true! Learn about how massage therapy and chiropractic can work together to solve your pain in Henderson, NV.

Pain Relief for Henderson Residents at Anthem Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a holistic form of healing that aims to find the underlying cause of your pain and heal it, to prevent recurrence. As such, chiropractors have an understanding of how pain in one area can be caused by a trigger elsewhere, and how different healing methods can work together to treat issues. For these reasons, chiropractors not only understand that massage can benefit chiropractic adjustments, but that these two healing methods can effectively manage pain and heal injuries faster when used together.

Massage Therapy is a reliable way to release muscle tension, relax the mind and body, and warm up the muscles. This is why sports massage is so popular with athletes. Massage also soothes the soft tissue that supports the spine, creating space in your body for our healing adjustments to take place. By using massage to warm up the body and relieve your muscle tension before performing a chiropractic adjustment, we can work on a more intense level with the body. This lets us heal injuries with deeper chiropractic adjustments, resolving your pain faster and making adjustments easier.

When used together, these treatments increase the healing blood flow in injured tissue, open up your range of motion, and manage pain naturally.

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If we think your chiropractic adjustments would benefit from massage therapy, we will let you know. Of course, all of our Henderson patients are welcome to schedule massage with the therapists at Anthem Chiropractic.

Have you ever used massage as a therapeutic tool, in addition to enjoying the mind body benefits of this soothing touch? How did massage address your injuries?

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