Anthem Chiropractic: Regain Your Life with a Personal Injury Chiropractor

As a highly adept personal injury chiropractor serving Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada, Dr. Derek Day and our caring staff at Anthem Chiropractic will help you to minimize pain and expedite recovery from injuries. We’re dedicated to ensuring each client receives the best chiropractic care available.

Recover from an Automobile Accident with Massage and Chiropractic Care in Las Vegas

Automobile accidents result in a variety of injuries, which hinder your ability to participate in the activities you love. We’re qualified to help auto accident victims recover from their injuries and experience enhanced mobility and decreased pain. Car accidents often entail abrupt motions, which can cause the bones in the body to shift out of alignment, causing moderate to severe musculoskeletal pain.

Our team can treat a variety of musculoskeletal injuries including herniated discs, whiplash, hip injuries, knee and wrist injuries, and sciatica. In addition to providing an alignment, we’ll provide ongoing physical therapy where we’ll guide you through a variety of exercises and stretches, so you can regain full mobility after your injury.

Through our continuing wellness program, we’ll not only ensure you recover to the highest capacity, but we’ll ensure that you minimize the risk of future injury by helping to strengthen the muscles and joints in your body.

Reduce the Pain from Your Automobile Accident with Expert Massages in Henderson

Auto accidents not only result in physical injury, but they can also cause lasting soreness in the muscles. With our skillful massage therapists in Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada, you can treat yourself to a relaxing day at the spa, while promoting the full recovery of your injuries.

Visit Anthem Chiropractic and Experience Pain Relief Today

Whether you’re experiencing residual pain from auto accidents or are simply in need of a skeletal realignment, Dr. Derek Day is fully equipped to handle a variety of injuries. Serving Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada, our caring team is eager to help auto accident victims regain mobility and live their lives to the fullest. Visit our website at or give us a call at (702) 614-6777. We look forward to helping you ease pain and rejoin the activities you love.

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