Should You Visit a Chiropractor After a Slip and Fall Accident?

Recent statistics from the NFSI reveal that over one million hospital emergency room visits are because of a slip and fall accident. This represents 12% of total falls. Further, 5% of people who fall get a fracture, one of the most severe consequences.

Many people who experience slip-and-fall accidents feel shocked and embarrassed afterward. These strong emotions can mask the pain. Victims in these circumstances may wait too long to seek medical attention.

When you wait, the pain only worsens. You are doing yourself a disservice by not seeking medical assistance, especially from a chiropractor. 

A fall accident must be taken seriously as soon as it happens. That is because they often lead to slip-and-fall pain in short-term and long-term health issues. You can avoid this by acting immediately and scheduling an appointment with a chiropractor.

There is no time to waste. Here’s why.

Yes, See a Chiropractor After a Fall Accident

When you visit a chiropractor, they can help treat muscle, ligament, bone, nerve, and other issues relating to the neuro-musculoskeletal system. If you have slip and fall pain, you may need joint realignment and spinal adjustments to get relief.

Another option for dealing with slip and fall pain is taking pain medicine. However, you can heal your body without taking medication. Instead, a more natural approach would be to use exercise, correct nutrition, and physical therapy sessions.

There are many reasons to see a chiropractor following a fall or workplace accident for a brighter, healthier future.

Prevent Chronic Pain

The American Academy of Pain Medicine reveals that over 1.5 billion people suffer from chronic pain globally. In the United States, it is the most common reason for long-term disability, which affects roughly 100 million Americans.

If you have pain lasting over 12 weeks, it is defined as chronic pain. Nearly any part of the human body can experience chronic pain.

The pain could be constant. Other times, the pain can also come and go. 

Chiropractic care eases immediate physical pain in the knee, shoulder, neck, and spine. It also helps stop accident-induced headaches.

Annually, over 35 million Americans are treated by chiropractors, including adults and children.

What to Expect

Without prescription medication, a chiropractor will conduct tests that may include an X-ray. This is to see the extent of the injury. It is critical to examine you so they can prescribe the best course of treatment.

If you leave your injury untreated for too long, your health damage can worsen. Remember that some symptoms after a slip and fall accident do not appear immediately. You need a medical professional to find and prevent long-term health issues like pinched nerves, concussions, traumatic brain injury, permanent disability, etc.

It may hurt physically but slip and fall chronic pain can also take an emotional toll through frustration and depression. If you do not get the help you need, it can hurt your confidence.

Socializing and participating in activities will decrease stress and boost your mood.

Accurate Diagnosis

The most common workplace injuries in the United States are strains, sprains, and tares, 2020 accounting for 266,530 cases. Each year, American illnesses and workplace injuries cost approximately $250 billion.

Chiropractors can take care of musculoskeletal and nerve issues. They have strict guidelines and will give you a correct diagnosis from the fall accident.

You must communicate clearly during your visit. You must let the physician know if you have a previous medical condition in addition to your symptoms and details of the accident.

After your chat, the physician must conduct an exam and reach a diagnosis. They will check your joints, muscles, and bones. Once the physician concludes an examination, they will have an appropriate treatment plan.

Non-Invasive Care

When you opt for physical therapy, there is no need for surgeries, drugs, or pain treatments. Chiropractors help slip-and-fall accident victims get the treatment that will improve the functioning of their immune systems. Physical therapy is how the human body can heal naturally.

Your body can transition to a sympathetic state quickly following a fall accident. This is also called rest and digest. It allows your body to restore, replenish, and renew cells.

Physical therapy helps your muscles get more oxygen, improving your blood flow. This contributes to healing.

An appointment with a chiropractor would benefit someone interested in something other than over-the-counter or prescription medication.

Feel Better

Slip and fall pain affects you physically and emotionally. You don’t want an accident to affect your quality of life. It is essential to feel better quickly.

Get back to being you, including being able to work. In 2020, 18% of 1,176,340 work injuries (nonfatal) resulted in missed days of work.

Plus, you have free time to enjoy! Your loved ones desire to see you happy and healthy.

Taking medication for pain will help temporarily. It is not a long-term solution. You should consider your future help after an accident.

Your Next Call After a Slip and Fall Accident

If you experience a slip and fall accident and are debating whether to call a chiropractor, you no longer need to ask. Yes, see a chiropractor and fast. There are no disadvantages to getting help. 

At Anthem Chiropractic, they are proud to help patients live their best lives without pain. Their professionals firmly believe that no one deserves to live with chronic pain. At any age, they work to make their patients feel comfortable.

If you have a fall accident, you must return to your day-to-day activities. Leave the pain behind. Call Anthem Chiropractic and book an appointment today.

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