Is A Chiropractor a Qualified Auto Accident Injury Doctor?

At Anthem Chiropractic, we welcome anyone who has been injured and wants to find relief for their pain instead of masking the pain with medication. Many of our new patients find us after they have been injured in an auto accident and experience chronic or acute pain as a result. These people want to know if our chiropractor is a qualified doctor to see after being injured in a car accident. Read on to hear our thoughts.

Auto Accident Injuries with Your Henderson and Las Vegas Chiropractor

We hear this question often, and we always give it a resounding YES. An auto accident chiropractor like ours, Dr. Derek Day, has extensive training and education on the musculoskeletal system and on treating these injuries. Our chiropractor can perform a thorough health examination, find the root of your injury, and treat the pain, inflammation, and root cause of musculoskeletal auto accident injuries.

As chiropractors, we specialize in neck and back pain, which are common after an auto accident. We can treat the musculoskeletal injuries that were caused by the car crash. Realigning the spine will relieve the pressure and inflammations that are causing you pain and activate your nervous system’s response. As a result, you will be able to heal faster from your injuries and will begin to feel better.

We can treat severe car accident injuries like muscle sprains and whiplash as well as bruises, strains, and musculoskeletal misalignment.

Common car accident injuries symptoms include blurred vision, tingling, numbness, muscle stiffness and soreness, reduced range of motion, headaches, and pain. A car accident neck injury like whiplash often comes on days or even weeks after the accident. If you experience these symptoms after a car accident, we recommend getting checked out by our chiropractor.

Don’t let severe car crash injuries go untreated, as you will keep experiencing the painful symptoms until you seek medical treatment for your injuries. Call us today at (702) 614-6777 if you have been in an auto accident and want to find relief.

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