7 Benefits of Visiting a Car Accident Chiropractor

An estimated 2.35 million people are injured in car accidents in the US every year. These injuries can range from minor injuries that heal by themselves to permanent disabilities.

If you’ve been in a car accident, it’s always best to treat your injuries as soon as possible. If you leave them too long without treatment, there’s a chance that you will worsen the injury. 

A great way to treat your body after a car accident is to visit a car accident chiropractor. Keep reading to learn the 7 main benefits of chiropractic care after an auto accident. 

  1. Notice Minor Injuries Sooner

Some injuries are obvious, like broken bones and surface-level cuts. But there are other injuries you can sustain in a car accident that isn’t always obvious, such as whiplash. And with these minor injuries, enough time can pass between the accident and the symptoms showing up that you might not realize they’re linked. 

This means you end up treating the symptoms, not the cause. And when you don’t treat the cause, it gets worse, leading to even more damage. This is why it’s always best to go for treatment soon after a car accident.

A chiropractor will be able to identify injuries you might not realize you have.

  1. Reduce Pain and Inflammation Throughout the Body

When the spine is manipulated by chiropractors, it can produce a hormone that helps with pain management throughout the body. And beyond that, chiropractors don’t only target the part that’s sore. This means the entire body benefits from pain relief.  

When your body is injured or in pain, the muscles can become inflamed or swollen. This often reduces your range of motion in those muscles. When you visit a chiropractor, they can help you restore these.

As with pain relief, when chiropractors adjust your spine, it can release an anti-inflammatory hormone. This reduces the swelling in your muscles which allows you to increase your range of motion again. 

For more information about visiting a chiropractor after a car accident, check out these FAQs

  1. Avoid Long-Term Pain

If you sustain minor injuries in a car accident, you might not realize you even need treatment. This means you leave the injuries untreated, and they eventually get worse. You might even live with the pain for several months, even years, thinking it’s minor enough that you can treat it yourself. 

Save yourself the trouble by going to a car accident chiropractor. This way, you spot the injuries early and can treat them accordingly. 

  1. Reduce Scar Tissue

Scar tissue doesn’t only form on the skin; it can form inside our muscles too. It happens when there is a buildup of collagen in the muscle, which results from an injury. Scar tissue can make your muscles feel permanently stiff and sore. 

Visiting a chiropractor improves your quality of life because the chiropractor can target the injured areas and work the muscles. This helps break down the scar tissue, so your muscles heal faster, and you are much more comfortable. 

  1. Alternative for Pain Relief Treatment

Chiropractors offer an alternative for pain treatment that doesn’t include medication or invasive procedures. This is appealing for a few reasons. 

A lot of the time, medication is the go-to for pain management. But this shouldn’t be confused with treatment. If the injury won’t heal over time, then medication isn’t enough – it merely masks the pain. It doesn’t treat it. 

Due to the addictive nature of a lot of pain relief medications, some people prefer to avoid them altogether. This means without some kind of treatment, they suffer. 

Other mainstream pain solutions involve scary, expensive, or invasive procedures like surgeries. A lot of people are hesitant about this treatment option, either because they can’t afford it, don’t think it will be worth it, or are scared of the invasiveness of the procedure.

This is why chiropractic care is a great way to go. You don’t need medication and can get treatment without these procedures. For more information about our car accident injury treatment, check out this service page

  1. Saves You Money

When you don’t realize you have an injury, or you mistake it for a minor injury, you may try to treat yourself. This can have financial consequences. You can end up spending hundreds, even thousands, of dollars over the course of months and years as you self-treat your symptoms. 

For example, sometimes, an untreated injury can present as dizziness, nausea, minor pain, or headaches a few months down the line. But since it has been a while since the accident, you might not realize that is the cause. 

This means your treatment isn’t addressing the real problem, and those symptoms will keep coming back. You’ll keep spending money on the medication and short-term treatment you think you need. You might even go to the doctor or specialists, looking for a solution. 

This is why a few chiropractor appointments after an accident are much cheaper in the long run. You identify and treat any injuries almost immediately and don’t continue spending money on treatment over several months.

  1. Insurance Benefits

If the car accident was because of someone else’s negligence, you might be trying to claim from their insurance to pay for the damages. If this is the case, you’re far more likely to get your claim approved if you’re doing some kind of treatment for your injuries.

This way, you prove the severity of the accident was enough that you needed to get treatment for it. Without following up with treatment, the insurance company can reject your claim on the grounds that the accident was not bad enough that you need compensation. 

Visit a Car Accident Chiropractor

These are just some of the benefits of visiting a car accident chiropractor.

From short-term recovery to long-term health benefits and even financial gain, there is no reason you shouldn’t go to a chiropractor after being in a car accident.

Make sure you’re looking after your body and your finances, and book an appointment as soon as you’ve been in an accident. Contact us for all your car accident chiropractor needs!

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