5 Tips to Ensure Safe Luggage Lifting

5 Tips to Ensure Safe Luggage LiftingVacations are always a lot of fun, until you go to lift your luggage and throw your back out before your trip even begins! Thankfully, there are many precautions that you can take to prevent injuries on this year’s summer vacation.

1. Choose Your Luggage Carefully

Whenever you are shopping for luggage, you are going to want to look for pieces that can be wheeled through the airport. Even if you don’t think that you will be packing a ton into your suitcase, everything will weigh much more than you think it will and carrying it can be detrimental to your back. Choosing a suitcase with wheels will ensure that you can easily move it from your car to the check-in counter and from the luggage retrieval area to your hotel. Minimal lifting equals a healthier and happier back!

2. Only Pack The Essentials

You may be tempted to take a few extra outfits with you on vacation, but when was the last time you needed anything extra that you packed? We recommend that you only pack what you absolutely need and leave the rest behind. Your back will thank you as you lift your suitcase off your bed to wheel it to your vehicle.

3. Lift Luggage With Care

Whenever you do need to lift your luggage, you should stand next to it and bend at the knees to use your leg muscles. You never want to bend at the waist, as that motion will instantly throw your back out of whack.

4. Do Not Twist Your Body

It is always tempting to twist our bodies when we are maneuvering our luggage, and it almost always happens when we are in a hurry. We recommend that you slow down a little to avoid twisting your body as much as possible, or the result will be you moving slower for an extended period of time.

5. Carry One Suitcase on Each Side

Your back does not like to lean or twist to one side or the other when you are carrying things, which is why you should carry a suitcase on each side when possible. Of course, if you do not need to take two suitcases, you should carry your suitcase on one side and your carry-on bag on the other. This will distribute the weight of both a little more evenly and keep your back from hurting.

These five tips should ensure that you arrive at your destination without an aching back, which is always helpful when you want to enjoy yourself. Just make sure that you do not purchase too much to take home with you, or you may have a problem with your back from all the extra luggage that you need to buy to return home. To learn more about caring for your back, contact Anthem Chiropractic to make an appointment today!

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