Massage TherapyIf you have ever treated yourself to a day at the spa, you probably already know how soothing and relaxing a professional massage can be. But did you also know that medical grade massage therapy can have a profoundly positive impact on your health and wellness, both by itself and in combination with other natural therapies? Here at Anthem Chiropractic, we’re quite aware of the healing power of medical massage — and that’s why we’re happy to offer a range of massage techniques for our Henderson and Las Vegas, NV patients.

Medical Grade Massage Therapy for Henderson and Las Vegas Residents

A high standard of health and well being depends on many different functions, from correct posture and healthy circulation to a strong immune system and pliant, flexible muscles. Unfortunately, a great number of factors can interfere with these functions. Chronic postural or alignment problems, for instance, can cause chronic muscular strain and fatigue. Sports injuries or personal injuries can result in painful soft tissue damage, leaving internal scar tissue in their wake. Chronic ailments such as fibromyalgia can create muscle knots which act as trigger points for systemic physical pain. Massage therapy can address all of these issues and more.

2024 Cash Massage Pricing

Effective Friday March 1, 2024 massage rates for Anthem Chiropractic will be as follows:

30 Minute – $60
60 Minute – $100
90 Minute – $140

Our Massage Therapists

Pris Laragan

Pris Laragan, LMT, MMP License#: NVMT6034
Schedule: Monday-Wednesday 8:30a-12p & 2p-6p

Pris earned her Massage Therapy License in 2012 and started working at Anthem Chiropractic in November 2013. During this tenure, she became a Certified Medical Massage Practitioner & gained extensive knowledge in Sports Medicine, Clinical/Orthopedic Massage & Pre/Postnatal Massage.

Lainie Threatt

Lainie Threatt, LMT License#: NVMT5905
Schedule: Thursday 8:30a-12p & 2p-6p, Friday 8:30a-1p

Lainie earned her Massage Therapy License in 2012 and started working at Anthem Chiropractic in 2018. She has been working in the field of Chiropractic & Rehabilitation since 2013.

The Benefits of Medical Grade Massage Therapy in Henderson, Nevada

  • Stress relief – Massage relaxes large muscle groups that react to emotional stress by tightening up and causing stiffness, headaches and other discomforts. By relaxing the muscles, we can release the bottled-up stress they contain. Relaxed muscles also enjoy more optimal range of motion.
  • Enhanced healing – Massage can stimulate blood flow to the area being treated. This is highly useful for helping injured or post-operative tissue receive more oxygen and nutrients, enabling them to heal themselves in a more timely manner. Better circulation also means better drainage of fluid from the injury or surgery site to control swelling.
  • Natural pain relief – The same circulatory boost that accelerates healing also helps you achieve drug-free pain relief. That’s because the muscles are better able to expel inflammatory substances and pain-inducing waste products such as lactic acid.
  • Systemic health and wellness – Stimulation of muscle tissue encourages lymphatic drainage and helps normalize processes such as blood pressure, immune response and hormonal balance.
  • Chronic pain treatment – Certain types of massage therapy are especially good at addressing chronic pain. For instance, trigger point therapy can help relieve muscle knots caused by fibromyalgia, while deep tissue massage can break up internal scar tissue to relieve pain and stiffness.

Discover the Benefits of Medical Grade Massage Therapy at Anthem ChiropracticOur Henderson, Nevada chiropractor, Dr. Day, recommends massage therapy as a powerful complement to chiropractic adjustment. Our massage therapists offer 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and 90 minutes massage sessions. Relaxed muscles make adjustments easier and promote correct posture, while the healing benefits of massage help patients recover from traumatic events that may have also resulted in spinal alignment problems, pinched nerves and herniated discs. Contact Anthem Chiropractic for a consultation at (702) 614-6777 — you just might find that massage therapy provides some marvelous benefits in your own life!