Spinal DecompressionNothing makes life more difficult than constant back pain. If you’re suffering from frequent, recurring or chronic pain, you may be wondering what your options are, fearful that surgery is the only thing that can solve your problem. While that’s another option, you should first try the time-tested method of spinal decompression.

Diagnosis by MRI will reveal if there is a disc injury or tear within the spinal canal. Typically, disc injury requires advanced imaging to determine the extent of injury or pathology.

Your Spine in Brief

Your spine is composed of vertebrae, which are the circular bones that run up the middle of your back, and discs, which are the gel-like cushions that sit between them and create space between the bones. When either bones or discs are injured, the result is discomfort, outright pain, compromised posture and other problems.

What It Treats

Spinal decompression helps to treat a range of conditions, both chronic and acute. One of the most common problems this treatment works for is a bulging disc, which is when your intervertebral disc bulges out beyond its normal radius and into the spinal canal. This can cause pain or discomfort, even though no tear is present.  A herniated disc, on the other hand, is when the disc has torn and part of the nucleus is seeping into the spinal canal. While this might have begun as a bulging disc, the pressure built to the point that it ruptured. Of course, spinal decompression treats many other problems as well, but these are two of the most common.

How It Works

Spinal decompression works by creating space so the disc can get the room it needs to heal by relieving the area of pressure. Chiropractors use a decompression table to help decompress the affected disc and retract the herniation or bulge back to where it belongs. It’s perfectly safe and often leads to relief of pain symptoms by reducing pressure.

Reducing pressure in the area of the injury causes the body to direct nutrients and healing substances toward it. This helps your body mobilize its natural restorative abilities.

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